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15 Things You Enjoy By Paying Your Tithes (opinion)

Tithe has become one of the controversial issues in Christianity. Many people question why men of God should place much emphasis on tithing. The fact is that tithe is a divine instruction. It is the command of the Lord. Either you believe it or not, there are blessings attached to it. The word of God says none of my words will go without fulfilment. Here are 15 blessings you get by paying tithes.

1. You enjoy divine provision.

2. You enjoy unmerited favor.

3. You enjoy divine connection.

4. Your household will enjoy mercy.

5. You reap from where you do not labor.

6. You receive blessings from God.

7. You enjoy divine health.

8. You enjoy divine security.

9. You will be free from poverty

10. You command riches.

11. You will not lack good things

12. God will raise men to bless you.

13. You carry favor wherever you enter.

14. Sorrow will depart from your mind

15. You can use it as a point of contact tell God to hearken to your prayers.

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