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4 Things Christians Should Consider When Rendering Help To Others

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Help is one of the inevitable requirements for survival. We receive help to survive, and sometimes, others also need our help to survive. However, before we help anyone, we need to consider these four things. 

God expects us to help others 

God desires that His children should help those in need. Jesus Christ emphasized the need to help others through the story of Lazarus and the Rich man in the 16th chapter of the book of Luke. 

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When you help people you are obeying God and also contributing to the development of humanity. It is your divine obligation to help others since you have also been helped by others. 

Don't expect much in return because many people don't appreciate 

It is normal to expect those you have helped to show appreciation. But the truth is, you may be disappointed if you believe everyone you help will come back and say "thank you." 

Some people out there are just looking for a person they can use to climb up. These kinds of individuals usually pretend to be who they are not just to get at you. Once they get what they want, you will never see them again. 

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To be on the safe side, help people without the expectation that they will ever come to appreciate you.

Some help can lead to serious consequences 

This is bitter but it is true, many people have entered into serious troubles because they helped someone. As an emotional being, you will be moved to help others but you should not allow emotions to replace your reasoning. 

In Acts chapter 8, the Bible made the record of a man named Simon, who came to the Apostles, requesting power in exchange for money. Peter knew that doing such will attract great consequences and declined to help.

Before helping anyone, evaluate the pros and the cons. Consider both the physical and spiritual implications. If you discover it will not be safe for you, it will be wise for you to decline.

Helping others is like sowing a seed 

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This is one of the joyful truths about helping others, knowing that someday, you will reap what you have done. Helping people is acting in obedience to God.

When you help anyone, you didn't just help the fellow, you have also rendered a service to God. Anyone that works for God will be rewarded 

In conclusion, the people you helped may have forgotten you, but God has not forgotten, He will definitely reward you in due time.

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