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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Depend On Your Church Or Pastor - Reno Omokri.

The scripture talks but sometimes, man says another thing quietly different from the scripture.

Some believe going to church or visiting a pastor is not really necessary to them as far as their own believe is concern.

There is a another interesting talk the socialist, author and also a gospeller, Reno Omokri has said on his Facebook page again that got people reacting.

Reno took his platform analyzing to the public the reasons why people need to study the scripture and be less dependant on church or Pastor.

According to Reno Omokri on his Facebook page, he wrote:

7 Reasons Why You should Read Scripture For Yourself and Not Depend on Your Church or Pastor:

1. Scripture says DRUNKENNESS is sin. Man says DRINKING ALCOHOL is sin.

2. Scripture says the LOVE of MONEY is evil. Man says MONEY is evil.

3. Scripture told you to FORGIVE. Man told you to FORGIVE and FORGET.

4. Scripture says pray to God Only. Man says pray to Christ His Son.

5. Scripture says BELIEVE in your HEART and RECEIVE. Man says SHOUT a LOUDER AMEN to RECEIVE.

6. Scripture says LOVE your ENEMIES. Man says HATE your ENEMIES.

7. Scripture says MARRIAGE and BURIAL are strictly FAMILY AFFAIRS. Man says if you don’t MARRY and BURY in Church, it is not HOLY.

Reno Omokri doesn't mind what people might say after he talked! See people reactions below.

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