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Say These Family Prayers To End The Month Of September

As we approach the end of September, I want to encourage you to expect bigger triumphs in your life because you are chosen by God. When a storm strikes, don't be dismayed; you know you're favored by God, and God will turn it around in some way. You have been crowned with honor and glory. It makes no difference what your past has been like or how many mistakes you've made—God sees you as unique.

God will put an end to every source of grief in your life as September comes to a close today. He'll put an end to every story of failure. He will fill the empty spaces in your life with his riches. As September begins, you will march on triumphantly. 

He will make you happy, and you will win without having to fight.

Please join me in prayers: 

1. Thank you, Lord, for everything You do for my family and me. I am truly grateful for everything. In the coming month, I'd like to see more of You. Thank you, Jesus, for everything you did last month to keep me safe from accidents. I beg you to keep a closer eye on me this month.

2. Please, Lord, make me laugh joyfully in this new month. Father, as the month draws to a close, please put an end to the adversaries' attacks on my life and family. Father, as the month draws to a close, I pray for divine protection in Jesus' name wherever I go.

3. On the schedule for this month I'd like to see your right hand in my business, Father. I pray for your divine provision in every aspect of my life, Lord. Help me, Lord, to be the best version of myself in the coming month. In this new month, I will soar above all principalities and powers.

4. As I call on Your name on the last day of September, save me from the gathering of the wicked, and grant me the ability to see clearly in Your light. Every setback and period of stagnation comes to an end with time.

5. As long as God and His Spirit exist, I will never be without anything wonderful. According to His riches in glory, God will provide for all of my needs. Please, as the month draws to a close, put an end to the bad things that have been happening in my life. In Jesus' name, Amen, I pray that the coming month will bring joy to me and my family.

Please type amen in the comments section below, and have a wonderful new month.

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