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Great Biblical Doctrines In The Book Of Job

Amazing And Great Biblical Doctrines In The Book Of Job, in the book of job 2:9, when job wife saw the loss of their wealth and their sons and daughters, and when she saw him afflicted with sore boils and she said course God and die. Coursing God is what Job feared his sons would do, so he offered sacrifices continually for them. (Job 1:5). Now his wife urged him to course God and die (vs10). How senseless! This is the time one should be making more complete preparations, instead of cursing Him---preparations to be rewarded in the next life. In this advice Job's wife proved herself a very foolish woman.

We rightly suppose that Job was a very religious man, and that he was acquainted with God and religion as it was understood and practiced in those days. He no doubt knew of the many traditions and revelations of God up to that time, being a grandson of Jacob. He was born about three hundred and fifty-two (352) years after Noah died, and about two hundred(200) years after Shem died. This would allow for dates as follows:

1. Shem five hundred and two(502) years after the flood (Gen. 11:10-11), Contemporary with Abraham one hundred and fifty(150) years.

2. Abraham twenty-five (25) years to Isaac (Gen. 21:5).

3. Isaac sixty(60) years to Jacob (Gen. 25:26).

4. Jacob was about eighty-five(85) when Issachar was born.

5. Issachar was about thirty(30) years old when Job was born.

6. Job was about seventy (70) when he was afflicted, according to some scholars. This would make it only seven hundred and seventy-two(772) years after the flood.

From the above we can understand how Job could know about the religious belief and practices of Shem, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, their spiritual experiences and the doctrines adhered to. We find many of the great doctrines of the Bible in the book of Job.

The characters of Job all believed in one Supreme Being called Elohim, Gods, referring to the Divine Trinity of separate persons in the Godhead.

Facts about God and their scriptural back up.

1. He is Almighty: the scripture says in Job 6:4. For the arrows of the Almighty are within me, the poison whereof drinketh up my spirit: the terrors of God do set themselves in array against me.

2 God is Wise: it's written in Job 12:13; With him is wisdom and strength, he hath counsel and understanding.

3. God is Infinite:it's also written in Job 11:7 Canst thou by searching find out God? canst thou find out the Almighty unto perfection?

4. God is Invisible: it's written in Job 9:11 Lo, he goeth by me, and I see him not: he passeth on also, but I perceive him not.

5. God is Pure and Holy: it's written in Job 15:15 Behold, he putteth no trust in his saints; yea, the heavens are not clean in his sight.

6. God is Gracious, merciful and forgiving to penitents: in Job 22:23 he said "If thou return to the Almighty, thou shalt be built up, thou shalt put away iniquity far from thy tabernacles."

7. God is Sovereign of all: the Bible says in the book of Job 12:9 "Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the LORD hath wrought this?"

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