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5 Things God Wants You To Do When You Wake Up In The Morning.

There are certain things God wants you to do when you wake up in the morning, and this is because he (God) desires to hear the voice of his children and fellowship with them and as their Heavenly Father, he wants them to seek him early so that he can reveal his secrets to them, and also show them the things they need to do for them to prosper and become productive in whatever they do. 

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Seeking God early in the morning by doing some things he wants you to do will not only grants you the needed mercy and grace for the day, but will also make you receive God's power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and all the power of the enemy that may come against you, and to accomplish whatever you plan to do. It is therefore important that you know the five things God wants you to do when you wake up in the morning.

Here are five things God wants you to do when you wake up in the morning.

1. God Wants You To Call On Him. According to Jeremiah 33:3, God wants you to call upon him so that he can show you things that are great and mighty (hidden secrets), and according to 1Corinthians 2:12, the Spirit of God is given so that you can know the things that God has freely given you. In other words, the reason God wants you to call upon him and hear your voice and prayers in the morning (Psalm 5:3) is so that by His Spirit, he can reveal things that are confined or hidden that you don't know or understand, and which God has ordained for your glory to make you prosper, productive, and successful (1Corinthians 2:7 and Joshua 1:8).

2. God Wants You To Worship Him. According to John 4:24 and Romans 12:1, God wants you to worship him in spirit and truth, and also present your body as a living sacrifice that is holy and acceptable, and he wants you to do this as your act of worship to him. In other words, he (God) wants you to present your body to him so that he can make use of it as a vessel unto honor for his glory each day, and he also wants you to worship him by appreciating his goodness and loving-kindness in your life, and as well praise him for all that he has done for you.

3. God Wants You To Meditate in His Law (the word of God in the Holy Bible). Another thing God wants you to do when you wake up in the morning is to meditate in his law, and Psalm 1:2 confirms it to meditate (think deeply) in the law of God in the day and also in the night, and according to Hebrews 8:10, God promised to put his laws in the mind of his children, and also write them in their hearts, and since God's law is his word, one of the purposes of putting his word (law) in your heart is to guard you so that you won't sin against him (Psalm 119:11).

4. God wants you to wait on Him to renew your strength and also give you the vision of his will. According to Isaiah 40:31, those who wait on the Lord shall have their strength renewed by him, and according to Proverbs 24:5, a wise man is strong and one who knows increases strength. This means the Lord renew one strength through his knowledge which comes through vision or revelation, and Habakkuk 2:2 reveals that through the vision (knowledge revealed) written on tables, anyone who reads it can run, and since each new day comes with a different challenge, you must wait on the Lord to renew your strength by giving you the vision or revelation of his knowledge (will) for the day so that you can run your day's activities without getting tired or discouraged, and you can also walk and not faint.

5. God wants you to command him. Isaiah 45:11 reveals that God wants you to ask him about his sons and the works of his hands and to command him, and sons here refers to the Angels of God (Genesis 6:2), and Psalm 91:12 reveals that God will give his angels charge to keep you, and this means you can command God to direct his angels (sons) to keep (protect) you in all your ways and also make whatever you do to prosper, and since Psalm 19:1 reveals that the firmament shows God's handiwork, he wants you to command him so that he can show you what he does.

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