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Group of Muslims renounces their religion, burn their Qur’ans as they covert to Christians

A group of Muslims has decided to convert to Christians and after that burned their holy books and renounced the religion.

According to the story shared on Facebook, these people were staunch and radical in their beliefs and practices as Muslims.

However, they were able to be converted and immediately they abandoned everything that has to do with their former religion.

They were pricked in their hearts as they surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ and they decided to not to return to their religion as they burn their Qurans

This story was shared by Apotre Sedera Njm with the caption:

These Radical Muslims renounced Islam to the point of burning their Qur’an’s and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives..

This is a wonderful testimony to share.. Alleluia

Check Out the Post Below:

A lot of people reacted to the post as some were praising God for bringing the people to the light while others disagreed with the post saying they just lost their souls to the devil.

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