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Prayer Against Demotion Powers

Thank you father for bringing us almost to the end of september, we pray in the month of Octomber we shall not experience sorrow in our families, in the name of jesus. Give us power to live uprightly and trust only in you, i pray through jesus christ my lord, Amen.

What is demotion powers? They are powers against your promtion. If they are not defeated in the spiritual realm you may alway experience failure at the edge of breakthrough, disfavor and other problems. Today i announce you after these prayers your battle angels shall fight your hidden battles. In the name of jesus.

Things that will help you overcome demotion

1. Constant Prayer

2. Positive confession

3. Don't be enemy of progress

Now declare these prayers with me

Thank you father for these wonder moment. as month of september is coming to an end i pray it shall not end with my life, in the name of jesus. Let your blood destroy any foundational curse and covenant speaking against my promotion, in jesus name i prayed.

God of Elijah arise and destroy witchraft pronouncement affecting my glory, in the name of jesus. And let dreams of setback troubling my promotion, cease, in the name of jesus. From today i shall experience breakthroughs and also blessing to other, Amen.

Thank you father

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Constant Prayer Octomber


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