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Why you fail to rise to your desired standard in life.

It is an error for a child of God to strive to attain a certain height in life to no avail. It is also an error to invest all your effort in a certain venture and no positive result was yielded. There is nothing more frustrating in life than trying to achieve something you really deserve without making it. Have you ever been in a situation watching your contemporaries thrive while you still wobble in despondency and confusion?

Life will become so frustrating for you when you do not know how to rule your destiny. You must win your life challenges in order to rule your destiny and attain a position of convenience. There are no excuses for failure and there are no set of people meant specially for success. Whatever you achieve in life is your decision and whatever goal you set is your choice.

Why you fail to rise to your desired standard in life is determined by you.

When you doubt the possibility of you attaining a particular height in your life pursuit, that will definitely make you not rise to your desired standard in life. You will not have the motivation to embark on certain ventures because you are not convinced that you will thrive in the ventures.

When you are afraid to take up responsibility of your destiny and face your life challenges, you will fail to rise to your desired standard in life. There is something about life which some people do not comprehend, and that is "the fear of failure in life is the genesis of failure." If David had feared to fall in the hands of Goliath, he would not had known how mighty God would have raised him and Israel would have been slaves to the Philistines.

Doubt and fear are vision killers. They rob you of the motivation to aspire for greater goals in life, they cripple your aspiration and give you nothing but emptiness and despondency.

Indolence and procrastination are another dangerous attributes which can make you not to rise to your desired standard in life. Do not be feeble or let laziness become your character. Fight it and free yourself from subsequent poverty it shall bring.

Everyone has a dream which he/she cherishes so much. But it is axiomatic that not everyone actualizes his/her dream. Your dream is that standard you desire to attain in life, however, if you want to rise to your desired standard in life, there are certain things you must endeavour to overcome such as doubt, fear, laziness and procrastination.

Have faith in God, be optimistic about your aspiration, work hard and pray to God that you should be prudent enough to discern opportunities when they come.

May God bless you, Amen!

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