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Enjoy Your Day With These Sallah Themed Funny Pictures

As we join Muslim faithfuls all over the world to celebrate Sallah, let's us not forget that life is about being happy. Therefore, I have compiled these Sallah themed funny pictures to make your day, and put a smile on your faces. Check them out below.1) Oya try me na.2) Did someone say Sallah meat.3) Morning after Sallah when you are checking the headlines.4.) Taking the Sallah meat for a ride.

5) You can never be too careful.6) I am not coming down until next week, you guys have a nice Eid

7) When the cow doesn't want to go to Sallah

8) When the Cockrell is making fun of the Ram.

9) Selfie before Eid.

I hope you enjoyed your self those hilarious Sallah themed funny pictures. Remember, laughter is good against depression. Feel free to leave your comments and reactions in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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Cockrell Eid Oya Ram Sallah


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