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Before Stepping Out Today, Say These 3 Prayers - Monday Morning

Good morning beloved, hope your night was cool?

Is a privilege to have an opportunity to come close to God this, as the privilege is given to you I plead you make this moment count.

Let's pray...

This morning as you've lifted your voice to worship our King of Kings, So shall the Lord stand in the gap for you no matter the storms around you and your family in Jesus name. 

His word will speak for you no matter what the devil is saying. You will surely be blessed by the most high God. The Lord will guide, protect, heal, sustain, preserve, defend and exalt you and your family beyond imaginations, his hand will be around you for the rest of your days in Jesus name. 

The devil will not swallow your glory. You will not miss the best of the land, No one will steal what belongs to you and every evil knees shall bow by the Grace of Almighty God to your success today and forever in Jesus name I pray. 

Remember: "So then, it is not by the desire or by the attempt of man, but by the mercy of God" Romans 9 vs 16. (BBE). Therefore may the mercies of God be enough for you, in Jesus name we pray .... AMEN!

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Good day and have a blessed week ahead.

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