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Heaven And Hell or Mysteries, Where Will You End Up?



Daniel 12:2


It is said that everything that has a beginning must have an end. In fact, it has become a catchword, but the problem is, many do not understand the real implication of this saying. People forget that the life they live began one day and one day also it shall end. It is true also that when you ask many, where they are heading to, a great number will answer, "To heaven of course". But how sure are you, if that is your answer? It is impossible for anyone to board a bus going to Enugu and end in Lagos. Likewise, no one can take a hell-bound bus and end up in heaven. In other words, the life anyone lives here on earth determines where he/she spends eternity. It does not matter the part he/she plays in the church. No one enters Heaven by mere confession of sin, sweeping the church hall everyday, being a church departmental leader or even a minister in the church. Entering Heaven is a serious business and must be treated as such with utmost respect for the God of Heaven and His word. 

When the rich man in our text lived here on earth, he did not regard God and man. That was why he could not help the helpless Lazarus with his wounds and hunger. Lazarus died and he also died. That is to say that death has no respect for anyone. The important thing after death is where next? The rich man did not go to hell because he was rich but because he did not use his wealth to the glory of God. Neither did Lazarus go to Heaven because he was poor, rather because he still honoured God and man even in his low state. 

We don't know your own story today. In these days that money, power, women and sin have taken hold of many, even some elects, are not ready to sacrifice for as well as satisfy Heaven's requirement? The journey is not an easy one. But remember the joy that awaits you. 


Where will your journey of life end?


Help me Oh Lord, to end in Heaven at last. Amen.

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