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The Reason Why Some Christians Who Are Very Faithful Doing God's Work Are Still Poor

Yesterday, my friend and I were talking about life and things in general. While we were reminiscing, she talked about the man who normally preached at our school, and how he had shown no change or progress in his life since we knew him. He was always wearing the same set of clothes, and looking the same way, broke and poverty stricken. She was wondering why God had not yet rewarded him with prosperity for all his hard, faithful labour for him. This led me to a period of thinking, and asking myself why this was so.

The Bible makes it clear that God delights in the prosperity of his servants, but when he created this world, he made some principles and laws to drive the world. One of these principles is the law of cause and effect. You have to do something to trigger something else. If you do nothing, you will see nothing; but if you want to see something change for you, you have to trigger the change by doing something to make the change happen.

Some christians are lazy. They carry the church on their heads, and act so faithful to God's word, but they neglect their everyday lives, work and relationships with other people. How will you move forward in your career if you don't work hard enough to do your job right, or if you don't take the necessary exams? God is the one that gives promotion and prosperity, but if you neglect his principles, you will never get the prosperity you want.

Dear Christian, God has promised to bless the works of your hands, so go out and work. Determine to be very diligent in your work. Strike a perfect balance between your activities at church, and every other thing you do on a daily basis, and you will see how your life will turn out. Be blessed.

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