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Keep Hope Alive, Tell It To God In Prayer

My esteemed readers, I say good day to you all, how was your night? Hope things are okay. Glory be to God in the highest. Please, I want to use this medium to remind you this morning that you should not forget to tell God your challenges before you set out this Friday morning.

My brothers and my sisters in the Lord, tell it to God in prayers, what are your challenges in life? What difficulties are you facing now? God has the power and ability to solve them for you, tell it to God in prayers. There is nothing too hard for God to do. He is the Lord of all flesh, nothing is too difficult for Him. There is still hope for you because you are still alive. Even on a situation where hope was against hope, Jesus Christ came to rescue the situation, please, read the story of Lazarus in John 11, he was sicked, died and buried for four days. If Jesus Christ could restore life back to him, He will not fail to rescue you from your present predicaments.

No matter your condition in life, when there is life, there is hope, please and please, always keep hope alive, don't be discouraged or feel despondent, pray to God, have faith and believe in Him, surely, you will overcome your challenges in life.

I want you to note that, no condition is permanent in life. Nothing is permanent, except change, your present financial, marital, educational and spiritual predicaments, are just for a while, you will soon overcome them, just keep hope alive and pray to God.

Commit your life into the hands of God, tell Him that you don't have any helper apart from Him (God) and make sure that your way is right before God, don't let anything (sin) prevent you from receiving grace from the Lord. The good Lord will surely see you through, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Good morning, have a nice day.

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