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Thursday Prayer: It Shall Not Come To Pass.(Isaiah 7:7)

Father in the name of Jesus Christ,I call upon You now.Any conspiracy of the enemy against my life will not stand.

Any evil word spoken by strong men and women of my households to undermine my expected success today will not stand in Jesus' name.Any prophecy emanating from satanic forces will not come to pass in my life and lives of my family members in Jesus' name.Any expectations of my enemy concerning my life and purpose will not come to pass in Jesus' name.

Any divination released into the astral realm to provoke evil against me will not come to pass in Jesus' name.Any invocation spoken from evil sources against my existence will not come to pass in Jesus' name.

Oh Lord as the messenger of God visited Mary,let your messenger of favour locate me and my family this day in Jesus' name.The accidents,problems and deaths the enemy has programmed against me and mine cannot stand this day in Jesus' mighty Name.

It shall not stand,neither shall it come to pass.

Isaiah 7:7

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