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Could It Be That God Created The World With 6000 years

This has put many research on the run thinking, if the God created the world with 6000 years.

Genesis 1 said that God created the heaven and went on explaining the creation, each day and what was created in that day. And the bible said it took six days to created everything in the world and the seventh day, He rested. But come to think of it " if a day is like one thousand years in God's eye " then it will be possible that it took one thousand years to create light.

It means that God created the world with six thousand years, that is why everything was perfect,beautiful and well done.

But come to think of it " how can a whole God create this world with 6000 years, it is not possible because He is God. He can create the world in a minute. If it could take Thomas Edison 20 yeas to create electricity then how come God.

This world was created in six days by spoken word by God, that is how great our God is. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

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