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8 Characteristics Of The Angels Of Allah

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The angels are one of the first creation of Allah the most high. According to an authentic narration, they have been with Allah for many thousands of years that cannot be described.

These wonderful creatures are so unique and special that Allah mention their humbleness and humility in many verses of the holy Quran.

Just like the human, they were also created for the same purpose of worshipping Allah. Some of them are given the responsibility of falling rain, striking of thunder, taking souls, blowing life to the unborn, questioning the dead, protecting the people just to mention few.

The duty of the Angels are uncountable, and undescribable, but in today's article we will be discussing about 8 Characteristics of the Angels.

1. Genderless

The angels are neither males nor females, they simply have no gender as they neither look like both.

2. They are made from light

3. They have wings

4. They neither eat nor drink

5. They don't commit sin

6. They have the ability to transform to anything by Allah's permission.

7. They worship Allah

8. They never disobey Allah

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