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You Are A Blessing To Your Generation. Say This prayer To Avoid Setback

God has made everything in his beauty and likeness. He has given us dominion over the earth and over everything that creeps upon the earth, that is , we are blessing to our generation , we all are born to be a solution to one problem but the devil is fighting strongly to destroy us .

But today I must reclaim my stand , say these prayer with me to over every setback.

.Every manipulation from the pit of hell , against our generation , our friends and family , by fire In the name of Jesus we terminate you . AMEN

.He said, with long life shall he satisfy me , therefore any spirit of untimely death we destroy, AMEN

,God is our refuge and our strength, therefore we destroy every works of the devil against my life. AMEN

..All the devil has taken away , the pains and sadness he has cost , God will restore bountifully to us. AMEN

.Blessed shall we be , in the morning , afternoon and night , and all the rest of our day. AMEN

if you have said these prayer be rest assured that you at blessed , Thank you for reading . pls don't forget to like , comment and share for more update .

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