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Should Christians Go Into Courtship? 3 Things Pastor Adeboye Said That Christians Should Take Note

People have different opinions and knowledge about courtship. However, there is are laid down rules for Christian courtship.

Pastor E. A Adeboye, during his teaching via the daily devotional manual, mentioned some key points about Christian courtship and these points will be highlighted today.

Firstly, learn to live a holy life

The man of God made us realize that apart from choosing the right partner, we have to ensure we go through the right approach to courtship.

He further stressed that a wrong approach to Christian courtship can lead to problem in the future. He urged Christians to be holy throughout their courtship period.

Secondly, do Not Live Together

He explained that marriage is an eye opener, despite the fact that they say "love is blind".

He said that both the man and the lady will be at their best behavior during the period of courtship until after marriage, when their shortcomings will be exposed.

According to Pastor Adeboye, Christians should not cohabit during courtship, as it might likely lead them into sins.

He backed up his word with a Bible passage.

He warned Christians never to cohabit in courtship, as it has no place in Christianity.

Thirdly, be sincere with each other

During Christian courtship, you must possess a characteristic of sincerity. You should share both your past and present experiences with your spouse.

He urged Christians to pray fervently if there are disagreements between courting Christians, due to sinful demands.

To crown it all, he said "A broken courtship is better than a broken marriage. Be warned!"

I pray that almighty God will guide us to practice the Christian courtship, according to the word of God.

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