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If you think you know the Bible very well, answer these questions

If you think you know the Bible very well, answer these questions.

These days, most people don't know much about the Bible again. There are, however, still some Bible scholars out there. If you think you've read the Bible very well and you know it well enough, answer these questions.

1. How many people were left alive with Noah In the ark when God wiped the world with flood?.

2. Which animals were also left alive with Noah and how many of them?.

3. Who in the Bible was able to feel God's presence and what happened to him/her?.

4. How did Elijah and Elisha die?.

5. How many fish and loaves of bread did Jesus Christ use to feed 5,000 people?.

6. What is the shortest and longest verse in the Bible?.

7. What word ended the Old and New Testament?.

8. How many blank pages are in-between the Old and New Testament, and why?.

9. How many plagues did God attack the people of Pharaoh with before he let the children of God go?.

10. Where in the Bible are the 10 commandments found?. What is 7th commandment?

11. How much was paid to Judas for betraying Jesus?

12. Where was Jesus Christ crucified?

13. For how many days was Jonah in the belly of fish?

14. What relationship did Ruth have with Naomi?

15. What's the name of Jacob's mother?

If you can answer all these Bible questions correctly, then you're truly a Bible Scholar.

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