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Here Are Reasons Why The Catholics Kneel 3 Times During The Mass, And 14 Times On Good Friday

The Catholic Church with a total population of 1.3 billion members in the world is considered as the most organized association/ institution in the world. The church has a time for everything, like a time to sit and a time to stand, a time to kneel and a time to shake hands together in peace.

As a non-catholic who attended the Catholic church for the first time, you might be wondering why the Catholics kneel down at a particular time during the Holy Mass, in this article I will be discussing why the catholics knee 3 times during the mass and also on Good Friday.

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* The Catholics knee for the first time after the Holy Holy (Sanctus) is sang or recited by the choir. When they kneel, the priest says the words of consecration and the bread and wine is transformed into the body and blood of Christ.

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* The catholics kneel down for the second after shaking hands together in peace, then the Lamb of God (Angus Dei) is sang or recited by the choir. During this period, the priest calls everyone to lay their intentions and the catholics believe that their prayers will be granted.

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* The catholics kneel for the third time after the holy communion is been distributed to those receiving on that day. When they kneel, all the members of the church say a particular prayer which is called “The prayer after communion".

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* Then on Good Friday, the catholics kneel 14 times; that is 3 times during the Mass and 11 times when the “Intercessory Prayer" is been recited. This prayer is said every Good Friday for the Pope, Cardinal, Priests or Clergy, other special ministers of the church and the entire members.

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