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What Atrocity Have People Committed Because Of Money?-Mbaka

Catholic priest, Very Reverend Father, Camellus Ejike Mbaka has during the program at the Adoration Ministry's prayer ground emphasized on the expression, "The Money is The Root Of Evil". He stressed that money is good, but the love of it that leads to evil. Therefore, without money people cannot eat or take care of themselves.

The spiritual director, Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria(AMEN) stated that, some men and women have lied, visited herbalists so as to make more money, some politicans have maligned their fellows and others have thrown lntegrity to the wind and loathed the public fund. " What atrocity have people committed because of money? Some businessmen or women have lied and engaged in different ungodly activities to make more money. Politicians can no longer bother about their integrity, but diverts fund meant for public service for their personal gain and many others. He said.

The outspoken clergy added that, it is unwise to tag money evil because the scripture did not say so. But when there is excess love for money, it leads to pride, greed, selfishess and avarice. "Some children of God have taken up some questionable appointment and dabbled into some dirty businesses in the name of making money. There are people who take money as god. They follow the law and commandment of money but do not pay attention to God. That is idolatry. The desire for money is insatiable, that is the reason you find out that our leaders and politicans are never satisfied. What is your relationship with money? Money is meant to serve holy purpose. Any money that comes to you is meant to handle a situation in your life. So, submit your money to God. Ask God to decide for you how you should use your money. He exhausted.

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