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7 effectual prayers that would attract your destiny helpers to locate you

If you have been struggling and stagnant in life, it is because you have no one to help, even when Jesus was led to where he would be crucified, someone has to help Him to carry His cross. The main reason you still not where you are is because you have no helpers in your life.

The Bible said we are lights of the world but for we to shine we must be placed on a lamp stand, so we can shine to all. The lamp stand we need on earth is a helper.

Destiny helpers are people positioned by Almighty God to favour you. When you are surrounded by destiny helpers, things becomes so easy to achieve. What you have been pursuing for many years can be achieved within a second by destiny helpers.

Destiny helpers make sure you are favoured before he or she can relax. They are unique people that aid our progress, and financial breakthrough. They help you succeed and accomplish your destiny very fast.

Everyone is destined to helpers but most times they can't locate us due to several challenges, like the man by the pool side who said he has no man to help him get inside the pool. Hence, remained a cripple till he found a helper (Jesus).

One of the effective way to locate your helper is by praying to the Father. Jesus said, “ask, and it shall be given,” if ye ask anything in my name, my Father in heaven will give it to you, ask that your joy may be full.”

Below are 7 effective prayer points that would attract your destiny helpers to locate you.

1. Father in Heaven, I commit every wicked foundation making my destiny helpers to be far away from me to receive judgement and be destroyed in Jesus name.

2. Father, every evil cloud covering my destiny helper from locating me, be unveiled in Jesus name.

3. Father, by the precious blood if Jesus Christ on the calvary, deliver my destiny helpers from the cage of darkness, in Jesus name.

4. Almighty God, by the force of favor, speedily connect me with my destiny helpers in Jesus name.

5. Oh, Lord! in the order of Mordecai, arrange my remembrance in the heart of everyone that has been heavenly ordained to help me in Jesus name.

6. From today O Lord, position me never to miss my helper of destiny in Jesus name.

7. Like you helped Peter when he was almost giving up, O Lord, help me in Jesus’ name.

As you pray these prayers may your helpers locate you in Jesus name.

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