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Islam: 18 Tough Questions You Should Never Ask Your Muslim Friend

These days, we have seen a Christians man who willingly take a Muslim lady as wife and vice versa. Also, we have seen a Muslim guy who take a christian fellow as a bossom friend with them having any problem, isn't that cool? 

Of course it is cool. Nigeria is a country where there is freedom of religion, besides, both leaders of the two religion body warned their followrres to desist from religious fight or argument. 

However, asking these 18 very tough questions from a muslim friend is not a nice idea. Check then below :

1. Muslims guarantee, that a proof the Koran was from God, is that it contains experimentally exact data about Embryology before man found it for himself. Nonetheless, all the data in the Koran in regards to Embryology is replicated from three sources, 1. A Greek specialist named Galen, who lived of 150 AD. 2. A Jewish specialist named Samuel ha-Yehudi who lived 150 AD. 3. the Greek dad of medication Hippocrates who lived 400 BC. My question is: considering the way that all the data contained in the Koran was at that point in print by these three specialists, will you withdraw the contention on Embryology? If not, will you flexibly one detail uncovered in the Koran about Embryology, that was not as of now uncovered or that was new? 

2. Muslims guarantee, that a proof that the Koran was from God is that it contains deductively precise data about Embryology, yet in 86:6-7 the Koran says, "man was made from launched out fluid Proceeding from between the spine and the ribs". This echoes the logical mistake of Hippocrates who accepted semen starts, starting from the brain the spinal harmony, before going through the kidneys and at long last out of the body. (Hippocratic Writings, Penguin Classics, 1983, p. 317) My question is: do you dismiss present day science and accept the Koran when it says sperm begins from the mid-gut area of a man's body. 

3. Muslims quote an article written in 1957 by the Jehovah's Witnesses who expressed there were 50,000 mistakes in the translation of the King James variant. My question is: Even if this were valid, (which obviously it isn't), how does this demonstrate there is debasement in the first Greek MSS from which the King James form was translated? 

4. Muslims guarantee, that the many various translations of the English Bible will render a solitary book with many various words and expressions. You said this was confirmation the Bible is adulterated and that the Koran peruses the very same path wherever on the planet in Arabic. My question is: Since the many English translations of the Koran likewise render a solitary book with many various words, does that confirmation that the Koran is debased? 

5. Muslims accept the word Allah was utilized by Jesus when he held tight the cross. The Bible records that Jesus said "Eli lama sabachthani", however you state Jesus truly shouted out to Allah and said "Allah, Allah lama sabachthani" My question is: Would you please clarify why you would utilize this contention when you don't trust Jesus at any point held tight the cross? And second, since Jesus was citing Ps 22:1 on the cross, isn't somewhat improbable that both the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament aren't right utilizing Eli, a Hebrew word, instead of Allah, a Middle Easterner word? 

6. Muslims reprimand Christians in light of the fact that the most punctual complete duplicates of the Bible were composed 300 years after the firsts of the main century. However Muslim researchers express the most punctual duplicate of the Koran was composed no sooner than 150 years after Muhammad kicked the bucket. My question is: considering this reality, how could the Koran potentially be superior to the Bible and would you please express the name and area and date of the most punctual Koran you accept to be in presence? 

7. Both the Samarqand MSS is in Tashkent, and the MSS housed in the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul are written in the content style called "Kufic". And not the previous style known as Ma'il or Mashq. This reality is the explanation Muslim researchers date these manuscripts no sooner than 200 years after Muhammad kicked the bucket. My question is: leaving aside daze confidence and unrealistic reasoning, what proof do you gracefully that these MSS were composed any before? 

8. The British Museum in London has an ancient duplicate of the Koran written in the Ma'il style of content, yet rehearsing Muslim researcher Martin Lings, who is the previous custodian for the manuscripts of the British Museum, dates this manuscript at 790 AD. My question is: Apart from simply making the case, what proof do you flexibly that this MSS were composed any before? 

9. The content of the Koran in 37:103 peruses "they had both presented their wills (became Muslims)" while the Arabic content of the Tashkent MSS gives the specific inverse meaning, "they didn't presented their wills" (they didn't become Muslims.) My question is: have you really perused the Tashkent MSS for yourself in this entry and how would you clarify this printed variety given your remarks on the marvel of the ideal Koran? 

10. By what means can Muslims guarantee there are no literary varieties in the Koran, when the Tashkent MSS contrasts from the cutting edge Egyptian Qur'an in 5 entries: 2:284, 2:283, 3:37, 3:109 and 5:119. The Tashkent MSS utilizes the word 'Allah' while the cutting edge Egyptian Qur'an, utilizes the word 'huwa' (the pronoun 'he'). My question is: Which word do you accept are in the "protected ace tablet" and "mother everything being equal" in paradise? 

11. The yearly Passover custom began that year it was started in the tenth plague and proceeded with continuous for a long time. The week by week Lord's dinner custom began that week that Christ was killed and has proceeded since the time for a long time. The Islamic ceremonies simply appear suddenly, 2600 years after Abraham lived. Being as fair as you can, My question is: are not the Jewish and Christian ceremonies bound to be founded on genuine history since the customs of Islam that simply jump out of the blue 2600 years after the fact? 

12. The "Toss" is a reenactment custom dependent on Abraham and the "Run" is a reenactment custom dependent on Hagar. My question is: Did Adam play out the toss and the Run, and if not actually when did they become some portion of Islamic ceremony and do you have any genuine authentic proof to help such? 

13. Given the way that Isaac Watt, said in his book, Islam and Christianity Today, "By the standards of present day historiography, the torturous killing of Jesus is one of the most certain occasions in previous history" (Watt, Islam and Christianity Today, p. 144). My question is: What verifiable proof do you give outside of the Qur'an that Jesus didn't pass on over? 

14. in the event that all Muslim's must reject the execution of Christ dependent on the Koran and all Christians must reject Muhammad as a prophet dependent on the Bible, my question is: on precisely what premise do you trust Christianity and Islam are good religions? 

15. Given the way that the good news of Barnabas is the fifteenth century imitation by Muslims, my question is: the reason do you quote this record as confirmation that early Christians precluded the torturous killing from claiming Christ and what verification do you offer that it's anything but a Muslim falsification? 

16. Muslim's will cite Yusuf Ali's remark in commentary 663, as confirmation that the three early Christian organizations of Marcion, Docetism, Basilides, prevented the torturous killing from securing Christ. Given the reality the three factions are censured as bogus instructors, liars and the anti-Christ in six Bible entries (1 John 1:1,14; 2:22; 4:1-3; 5:6; 2 John 7) My question is: on what premise do you guarantee they are Christian orders and isn't it as a very remarkable distortion for you to cite these Gnostic orders as Christians who deny the torturous killing, as it would be a deception for Christians to cite the Baha'i confidence as confirmation Muhammad was not the last Prophet? 

17. Muslims guarantee that Jesus implored utilizing the Muslim prayer method, alongside all the prophets. However Jesus trained his pupils to ask while standing up. (Mark 11:25), King David implored while sitting in (2 Sam 7:18), and Paul trained supplication in chapel with hands lifted open to question. (1 Tim 2:8) My question is: If Jesus was a Muslim, for what reason would he teach his supporters to implore standing up? And when it says Jesus fell all over and supplicated, how would you realize he was not completely prostrate?

18. Why is it hard ti see Muslim cleric preach the gospel of Islam around streets and bustops like christians do?. 

What do you think?


Content created and supplied by: Bigmoses (via Opera News )

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