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2 Unique Things Faith Oyedepo Saw In The Life Of Bishop David Oyedepo That Made Her To Married Him

Faith Oyedepo is a woman of God's words and she is always ready to fulfill the will of God in the life of others. She is the wife of the General Overseer of Living Faith Church (famously known as 'Winner's Chapel') Bishop David Oyedepo. Her marriage has become a source of blessing to the church and also to other people around her. The love she has for her husband, Bishop Oyedepo, is not an ordinary feeling, because she saw a unique character in his life. From the very first day, she met him she knew that there was something special about him.

In one of her messages, she talked about how she took the courage to marry her husband (Bishop David Oyedepo). She felt that there was a special anointing in the life of her husband and that led to her love for him 45 years ago, even though there was nothing to hope for. Here are two unique things Faith Oyedepo saw in the life of Bishop David Oyedepo.

- She saw a greater future in him

Many women nowadays now depend on what men will offer them or what they will gain from a man. But Pastor Faith Oyedepo never look in that direction she was focused on what God wanted to use her husband to achieve. She knew that a man who dedicated his life to God must have a greater future because God can not abandon his servant.

- She saw commitment and anointing of God in him

Bishop David Oyedepo was committed to the things of God to the extent that even though it will cost him to wear one trouser in a year, he is willing to do so. Faith Oyedepo loved his dedication to God and she stood by him unto God blessed them with his riches from heaven. She also felt the anointing of God in him and from there she knew that there was something special about him.

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