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Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals How To Find A Godly Spouse

Not everybody in Church is a Christian, some people are insisting that they found a sister in Church but Judas Iscariot was in Church too. Some people used to blame the Church that they married in Church, the man was even an Usher, Judas was the treasurer. If you are a man and you don't want your wife to be happy, what will make you happy on earth? If you are a woman and you don't want your husband to be happy, what will make you happy on earth? Show me a united family and marriage and I show you an anointed home and marriage. There is a favor for finding a wife. It takes favor from God to find a wife, it takes divine favor, God need to favor you well to get a good wife. Let me talk to the girls, don't waste any man time if you don't want to marry him. The man is hanging around and you make him hang around, where as there are three other people waiting. There are sisters like that.

That you married in Church and you're miserable afterwards, doesn't mean you can blame God for your insensitivity. You cannot blame God for your lack of perception and discernment. Not everybody in the Barrack is a soldier. Some are relations of soldiers. Some wants to sell things there. Some went to look for job. One man came to Church and pretended he was a good man, so that he can marry a good Christian girl. He didn't know that there was a girl who also came to Church pretended that she was a Christian, and wanted to find a good Christian man she can marry and do anything she wants, and the man won't talk. So, the man found the sister and they found each other, they kept on acting on till they marry. On the first day they reached the house, the man sent for a bottle of beer and the girl carry cigarette. The man said, I didn't know that you're like that, the girl also said, I didn't know you're like this. That first day, they beat the hell out of each other. I like that, you came to deceive people to get married and you met a deceiver. That's why you need the help of God, so that you can know who is real. 

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