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Make These Prophetic Declaration Over Your Life This Tuesday.

Time is one of the most precious commodities on earth. Time is life and it must not be wasted. You can recover lost car, jewelry but you may not recover wasted time. Only God in heaven has the power to recover wasted time and even wasted years, book of (Joel 2:25-26) (Deuteronomy 30:1-9).

In this article, we are looking at what can cause wasted years and how God can help you restore wasted years.

What do we mean by wasted years? Wasted years are years of unfruitfulness and no result.

What are the things that contribute to wasted years?

1. Fear of taking a Step.

The fear of taking a step is a time waster, fearfulness produce indecision. When you are afraid, you remain in one position for many years and thereby waste your time.

2. Laziness in Life.

The lazy man who is commonly referred to as the slothful or sluggard in the book of proverbs had nothing to show for his life and days. You can never make progress in life if you are lazy.

3. Taking wrong decision.

Every wrong decision is a waste of time. Every wrong choice is a waste of energy. Following the wrong people is dissipation of energy. This is why we must be careful with our choices.

God is supernatural and he has the ability of giving back to us what we have lost in the past. Only him has the powers to do that. How does God restore wasted years?

God Can Restore our wasted Years in the following Ways.

1. By Making your one singular efforts yield overwhelming results.

2. Paying you the wages of many years in one day.

3. God can restore your wasted years by amplifying the multiplying the result of your labour extra ordinary.

Wherever you are now, you can make these prophetic declaration over your business and family.

Let us Make these prophetic Prayers.

1. Oh God! Forgive us our wrong doings and help me to restore all wasted years.

2. Father Lord, prosper the works of our hand and multiply them.

3. Father Lord, give us more wisdom to take right decisions that will help us in life.

4. God thank you for answers to our prayers in Jesus Mighty name amen.

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