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Enough Is Enough (MFM Prayer Points)

    I declare Enough of every form of storm in your family,It doesn't matter how strong or terrible the storm you're passing through now, relax, All will be well very soon in the mighty name of Jesus. I decree enough of mockery over your family.Those who are laughing at you presently shall be put to shame  in Jesus name.I command enough of afflictions in every area of your life. As the midnight separates the old day from the new day, so shall your life forever be separated from afflictions,shame, stagnation and failure in the name of Jesus.. Enough of all forms of hardship in your family, Hardship will be far away from your vicinity and lacks shall not be your family portion .Anointing for celebration shall rest upon your family, You will be celebrated where others experience disappointment in the name of Jesus...,

     May the Angel of God protect your family through the days of your life ,May your going out today open many doors of opportunities to your family, to attain every happiness and success of life, May your estimations and intentions for the days ahead be established by the fire of God. I declare enough of bad dreams in your life,may the lord turn all your good dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievement in the name of Jesus.

    I declare enough of bitterness and sorrow in your life,God will take away all your sorrow and bitterness, God Almighty will grant your family  marvellous testimonies, Today shall mark a new beginning of better manifestation of God's power in your family in the name of Jesus.i decree enough of stagnation in your life, your new era of progress, upliftment, promotion, joy, success, victory starts today in the name of Jesus.

Enough of season of unanswered prayers in your life.May Heaven respect your knees when you kneel to prayers henceforth,heaven will recognize your voice when you lift it up in praises, May you receive quick response from the throne of Grace and mercy as from these moment. may the Mighty hand of God break every limitation preventing you from reaching and fulfilling your purpose in life in the name of Jesus...


[1].  Every wicked power saying no to God yes in your life shall die in the name of Jesus.[2].  Every power that has vowed to destroy your destiny,shall die in the name of Jesus.[3]. may your blood will be too hot for environmental blood suckers,and they shall all die in the name of Jesus.[4].  Evil time keeper, delaying your family favour, shall die in the name of Jesus.[5].  Every dark power, challenging your day and night,be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus.

[6]. you shall not be stopped by evil power, in the name of Jesus.[7[.  God will fill your family with Holy Ghost fire, in the name of Jesus.[8]. Everything done against your family in the night, be nullified now, in the name of Jesus.[9] . I loose your family from every inherited bondage; in the name of Jesus.[10]. Every hidden spirit of infirmity afflicting your family, die in the name of Jesus.[11] . I remove your name from the register of backwardness, in the name of Jesus.[12]. Every evil authority and mark over your head and destiny, break in the name of Jesus.[13]. Evil mirrors monitoring your family breakthrough, break in the name of Jesus.[14]. Every satanic equipment set against your family, backfire in the name of Jesus.[15].  God will make your family a channel of blessing. in the name of Jesus.[16]. Every evil curse issued against your future, break in the name of Jesus.[17]. Agent of poverty shall not see or locate your family, in the name of Jesus.[18[. Every spirit of dept upon your life, die in the name of Jesus.[19]. The time table of evil men over your life catch fire in the name of Jesus.[20] . I disarm every goliath of your father’s house, in the name of Jesus.[21]. Father Lord will crucify everything that wants to take you to hell. in the name of Jesus.[22[. Your tongue shall receive the fire of God, in the name of Jesus.[23] . Every opposing powers against your manifestation, shall bow now in the name of Jesus.[24]. My father! My Father! Shall Disgrace powers that wants to disgrace your family, in the name of Jesus.God bless you as you type AMEN and share these post with friends on social media......

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Enough Is Enough Jesus MFM


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