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The Consequences of Living in The Human Flesh & Not The Spirit

Do you know, man is a spirit just like God? Yes, the inward man is the spirit that controls the physical body. The Bible said, God, is a spirit, and we should serve him in spirit and truth. Most people don't understand that they are expected to live in the spirit just like God and not lust after the flesh. The flesh is of the world, but the spirit is of God. God made you in his image, not just the physical body, but the spiritual being.

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Take for instance, in the inner layer of an egg, there is egg white albumen and yolk inside, they don't mix, but they are protected by an eggshell, and they have their separate function as well. This is just like the human body and spirit, they have their separate function as well. The human flesh covers the inner man, which is the spirit of man. The flesh was made of dust, but the spirit is the breadth of God which is the life covered by the flesh.

Even though they play different roles, there are consequences of living in the flesh and not the spirit. The Bible said in the book of James 2:26, For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead as well. The first line simply means, without the spirit, the body is dead. This is one of the consequences of living in the human flesh, your spirit is your powerhouse, and it should be fed on a daily with the word of God.

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When you concentrate on the flesh, your spirit becomes vulnerable to spiritual attacks. The devil has an edge to manipulate you. For the body lust after the things of the world, similarly to when the Bible said in the book of Matthew 26:41; “Watch and Pray, for the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” This goes to show that, the flesh is the weaker vessel, the channel of temptation and the vent of sin.

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Therefore, the consequences of living in the flesh and not the spirit will be destruction, failure, confusion and spiritual manipulation. Activate your spirit through God's words, dwell on them, watch and pray, and your flesh will obey the spirit man inside you, which is the dwelling place of God and the Holy Spirit.

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