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Understanding The Will Of God

God desires that, not only us but everyone to get saved. We are not only called into life through salvation, there's a need to understand the mind and will of the father, that not only that we alone are saved, but that we can reach out to people so that others who are yet to see the light could be saved too.

  The love of God

The love of God for humanity is being displayed, He gave up all He had just to redeem us because He loves us. We are not only to receive this love but to also express it, allowing His love to flow through us, so as to have everyone saved.

 The purpose of God

 God has a purpose, to restore creation back to what it was originally meant to be, He made us in His image to take Dominion over what He has created. Despite man lost this golden opportunity in the garden, God was prepared to bring man back and to fulfil this purpose, He has to save man.

 Having the mind of Christ is to share the same purpose with God, and to be His workmanship.

  Knowledge of the Truth

 The mind of Christ extends to understanding the word of life, the truth of the scripture. We need to understand what His life has brought to us, the efficacy of His birth, life, death and resurrection.

 The knowledge of the truth of the word brings us into the marvellous light of Christ.

  Pray for all men

 It's our responsibility, as a carrier of His mind to intercede for everyone.

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