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Quran Verse 1: Benefits And Uses Of "Suratul Fathia"

Quran Verse 1: Benefits And Uses Of "Suratul Fathia"

Suratul Fatiha is the most easy and memorize Surah in Quran. The Holy Book Quran is a priceless book for the Muslims. Each and every word of this holy book is of great worth for every Muslim. Surah Fateha has seven verses.

It was revealed in Mecca as stated by Ibn Abbas, Qatadah and Abu’l-Aliyah.

“We have sent to you the Seven Oft Repeated Verses.” [Surah Al-Hijr 15:87]

The many names of Surah Al-Fateha:

Surah Fatiha is the only Surah in Quran, which have 20 other names.

The popular names of this Surah are the following:

Al-Fatihah (The Opening)

Umm al-Quran (Mother of the Quran)

Umm al-Kitab (Mother of the Book)

Sab’ul-Mathani (The Seven Oft Repeated Verses)

Al-Hamd (Praises to Allah)

As-Salah (The Prayer)



Asas al-Quran.

There are many names of this greatest Surah according to Surah Fatiha benefits. Recitation of this Surah is the best treatment to cure many diseases as one name of it is Ash-Shifa. To cure poison, this Surah is very effective.

To get rid of poverty, one must recite this matchless Surah. It is helpful in removing poverty. The recitation of this Surah also brings new ways for its readers to clear debts by the mercy of Allah Almighty.

To remain safe from the fear of enemies, one must recite this Surah. The readers of this Surah come under the protection of Allah, the greatest protector in this world. Recite this Surah regularly and get rid of all kinds of fears.

This greatest Surah of Quran is a source of enlightenment for its readers. Reciting this Surah, one gets a way to get the favor of Allah. The Surah is really effective to light up the spirit of faith in the heart of a Muslim. Start your deeds with the recitation of Surah Fatiha and get help from Allah.

After the 100 time Reciting of Surah Fatiha every pray will be surely assented.

Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) says: Surah al Fatiha is Cure from every illness.

One of the biggest benefit of recite this surah is, In very pain recite Surat Fatiha the pain will vanished.

Three time reciting Surah Fatiha gives the reward of 2 Quran E Pak.

The reciting of this Surah between the Sunna And Fard of Namaz-e-Fajr 41 times and blow it on water, give it to any patient it will get well soon.

It is complete and perfect Dua which Allah himself teach to Muslims. Therefore every Salaah is invalid without it.

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