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Thursday: Night devotion that will set you free from evils tonight.

Text: 1 Samuel 8: 1-12

Topic: Corruption in the church

Corruption has become a household word because it is resident in virtually every sector of our lives and society.

However, it did not start today. Eli’s children who ministered in the temple of the Lord were corrupt. They were cheats, morally bankrupt and disrespectful to the Lord. Samuel’s children also perverted justice and took bribes. 

Today, some people of God are involved in various crimes in the church: they receive bribes in various forms, cheat, use church property with reckless abandon and pervert justice. What a tragedy in the Lord’s temple! 

Every corrupt practice must be swept out of the church in the name of Jesus.

Question: Are you one of the corrupt people in the church?

Prayer: Lord, please remove every corrupt practice from the church and help us live in holiness; Amen

Having read from the above devotion, I hereby declare that tonight shall be a night of revelation and peaceful sleep in the name of Jesus.

Whatever may be the plan of the wicked ones, God will command his angels to protect you.

I wish you a successful night.


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