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Say These 5 Short Prayers Points In The Midnight.

Father in heaven,we have come to your presence this time of the night to pray to you. We come with a believing heart that you will hear us from the throne of grace and allow your endless Love to shine upon us.

We know that some are sleeping but we decided to wake up in other to say our prayers to you .

1. Oh Lord,we pray that you allow people to see glory in our lives. The glory that will make people to believe you that you are the Lord, do it in our lives in Jesus name.

2. Everywhere our helpers might be,we pray that the Lord should make them locate us in Jesus mighty name .

3. We pray that you connect us to the helper of our lives and destiny,that will take us to our destination in Jesus name.

4. We pray that in all our endeavors,that will should succeed in Jesus name .

5. Oh Lord, have mercy upon us. It is your mercy that can keep up,we pray that you grant us mercy in Jesus name.

We thank you because you have heard and answered our prayers. For in Jesus name we have prayed, amen.

You are blessed.

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