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Who Was The Actual Promise Child Between Ishmael And Isaac?

Bible References : Genesis 12 : 1-7; 15 : 1-21; 16 : 1-16; 18: 1 -15; 21 : 1-20; 22: 1 -19.

There are lot of arguments on who really was the promise child between the two children of Father Abraham. Some set of people believed that Ishmael was the son which God promised Abraham while other set of people claimed that, Isaac, the father of Israel, was the promise son of Abraham.

The holy Bible made us to understand who really was the promise son between the two. When God called Abraham in Haran, he had no child then, there God promised him a son, through which a nation would emanated, though, the 'cloud' seemed dark as far as the promise was concerned but Abraham had faith in God but it got to a point in the life of Abraham, Sarah, his wife, looked at her human and biological factors, doubted the promise, and advised his husband to go in with her maid, called Hagar, a native of Africa, precisely, Egypt.

Well, due to home pressure, Abraham accepted Sarah's suggestions and he impregnated Hagar, Sarah's maid, who gave birth to the first son of Abraham, called Ishmael.

Mind you, God's promise never too late, whatever God promises, He is able to perform, and at His own time, Sarah conceived and gave birth to Isaac, whom God said would be the promised son of Abraham because God had said, Sarah would conceived and gave birth to the promised son.

Furthermore, as things progressed in the household of Abraham, Sarah complained bitterly about the behaviour of Ishmael to her and she compelled Abraham to chase Hagar and her child (Ishmael) away from home, which Abraham felt reluctant to do until God asked him to do that, therefore, they were chased away from home because of Sarah and her son, Isaac, the promise child.

Abraham loved Isaac so dearly with all His heart, but a time came, Abraham's total obedience to God was tested, He was asked by God to sacrifice Isaac on the Mount Moriah, without beating about the bush, Abraham obeyed God, he was about to kill Isreal when an angel of God asked him to stop, a ram was provided by God to replace Isaac, but today, some set of people believed that Ishmael was the boy that Abraham took to the Mount Moriah for the sacrifice, meanwhile, the holy Bible made us to know that it was Isaac.

One can deduce from the above analysis that, Isaac was the actual son of the promise not Ishmael.

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