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Miracles Are Waiting For You This Morning And Today. Say This Prayer To Claim Your Blessings.

Good morning dear lord, thank you for making me see the brightness of the day, I glorify and lift your name on high. If not for your love upon my soul, I would not have seen the morning sunshine. Thank you Lord.

Father lord, from this moment, any way I have sinned against you, I pray you forgive me my sins and trespasses, please lord do not judge me with the sins of my past, accept my soul into your kingdom. Amen.

Oh Lord, today is my day, blessings shall knock my door today, I shall receive abundant Grace and success upon my soul, I shall reach the top, bless me on Lord.

Dear Lord, whatsoever that will deny me this miracle today, I shall destroy it, let they take a detour, push them to an unknown direction, they shall be blinded when they come around me, so shall it be oh lord. Amen.

My father my father, I come unto you,.that this day, I shall be crowned victory, victory over principalities!

Victory over poverty!

Victory over backwardness!

Victory over bad relationship!

Victory over bad luck!

Victory over emptiness in spirit and finance!

Here my voice oh Lord, I declare today into your able hands, I shall celebrate today, I shall laugh and be happy till the end of the day. Amen.

Thank you Lord.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the sweet fellowship of our Lord Jesus, abide with us now and forever. Amen .

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