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How Apostle Bartholomew died

Bartholomew was one of the apostles of Jesus Christ on earth over 2000 years ago. Many people also call him the name Nathaniel but if there is a fact that we all know, that fact is that Jesus Christ referred to him as a true Israelites, this was due to the fact that he was sharp and was also frank in things he did. The death of the apostles of Jesus Christ have been recorded in history and passed down from generations to generations. While apostle Peter died by crucifixion, Bartholomew's death was painful and is unimaginable.

According to sacred traditions, it is believed that he did his pastoral ministry in Armenia. He was later placed under arrest and then he was tortured, he was also skinned even while he was alive but he had to endure the pain created out of cruelty by his enemies, he was later beheaded at the end. He is often recognized in the Catholic Church as the patron saint of shoemakers and tanners. 

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