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I Never Believed That Hell Fire Is Real, Until This Happened To Me (FICTION)

As a young boy who grew up in a family, where anything related to the Christian religion, was regarded as a taboo and could earn you your life, if you should involve in it. I have always kicked against the believe that hell fire is real.

You can tell that to some other people, but definitely not me. My father was a very powerful native doctor, and it was my wish to succeed him when he dies.

At age 12, I had already developed strong hatred for Christianity, and those who believe in it. I was determine to put an end to Christianity in my village when i eventually succeed my dad. One thing I hated to hear was that their is a place which is known as hell fire, and that it is real. Each time a person tells me this, I always use my charm to harm the person.

Something that i can never forget in a hurry happened one particular day, as I was coming from my father's shrine. I met a pastor, who confronted me and asked to me to surrender my life to Jesus, else I would die and go to hell fire. at first, I laughed at him and warned him to let me go and I wont harm him. Being the son of a great native doctor, and a soon to be native doctor, i have learnt some spells from my dad.

The pastor started speaking in a very annoying language, that looked like he was saying an incantation. He overpowered me with this incantation of his, as i couldn't even open my mouth to say anything.

I woke up in a very strange place, this time I was all alone and that was not for long. As I was standing there all alone, a creature with a scary face, like that of one of the gods in my father's shrine, appeared to me.

He called me his child and asked me to follow him, so he can take me to my new home. It was at this point, that I started feeling the heat of the fire burning me. My mind flashed back to when they used to tell me about hell fire, but I said it can't be true.

After walking with this creator for about one hour, I summoned courage to ask him, where we were. The answer he give me made me come back to life. He said, "welcome to hell."

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