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Pastor Kumuyi Reveals What You Must Do To Enter Into Heaven

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry spoke to his members on, "The Prevailing Power Of Unwavering Faith" at a recent Tuesday Leadership Development Service.

In one of his subtopics, he spoke about, "Observable, Gracious Righteousness By An Excellent Faith" and said that despite the fact that Abel did not hear from anyone how they were born again, their sin forgiven and their nature changed, how they became righteous in the Lord. Yet, the Lord had registered in his heart how to offer acceptable, sin-blotting and forgiving sacrifice to the Lord that would bring salvation and redemption.

He further said, "Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, his senior brother and he did not allow his elder brother to influence him negatively. We must never let our salvation experience be affected by anyone, but to give our best to God always. Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice, he took his decision and followed it through by offering to God a sin-forgiving, sin-blotting sacrifice and he obtained a witness that he was righteous."

"His works were good and accepted because it has blood which redeems, cleanses and saves. Today, it is the blood of Jesus which washes away our sin and cleanses us from the sin of the past. After this, the Spirit of God bears witness with our hearts that we are righteous. It is the blood of Jesus which cleanses, not the work of our hands, or the fruits of our labours which do not cleanse sin. The sacrifice of Cain was just the work of his hands and they were evil, and so, they were rejected.

Finally, he revealed what you must do to enter into heaven. He said, "Therefore, for us to enter in, we must come to the fountain of the blood of Jesus so that our hearts, minds, souls and character washed and we become righteous so as to enter the new heaven and earth where dwells righteousness."

Fast forward the VIDEO to 25 minutes for the sermon

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