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Claim Your Blessings, Successes And Victory With This Prayer

Almighty and ever living God, I thank you for your love which made me be alive up to this moment. I worship your name for your mercies and grace upon my life, for your Protection, guidance and provision, be praised O Lord forever in Jesus name. Tomorrow is Thursday, the 29th day of this month, Lord I commit it into your hands. Grant me your blessings, success and victory for tomorrow.

May I experience your blessings in my life dear Lord, may I feel your blessings mighty God, may tomorrow be a day I'd always remember, and may favour locate me all around in Jesus name, Amen. Dear Lord, I also ask for victory over the powers of darkness, over their evil thoughts and intentions against me, may they never succeed in Jesus name, Amen. Father, may your love fill my life, may your mercies be suffering for me, may your abundant grace never depart from me, in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

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