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Pray Hannah's Prayer For An Extraordinary Blessing This Week

There are many women in the Bible, who prayed to have a child, but Hannah's prayer is the most popular because of the sacrifice she was willing to make. She said she'll give the boy back to God.

Desperation can make one say or do things they wouldn't have done normally. I pray the desperation in God's children will push them towards God and not to do something that will destroy them at the end in Jesus name.

Heavenly Father, I come to you today by the blood of your son, Jesus. I bless and glorify you for making me see a new day. Forgive all my sins in Jesus name.

Father, hear my cries to you and answer my prayers. In every area of my life I have been humiliated and mocked turn around the tide this week. Give me an extraordinary blessing that will put my mockers to shame in Jesus mighty name.

Father, you gave Hannah a son and by doing so you took away her reproach for ever. Lord, give me a permanent blessing that will take me out of every reproach in all areas of my life. Let it be permanent forever in Jesus name.

Father, as Hannah gave Samuel to you the blessings you will give me are also for your glory. Bless me in such a way that people will glorify you because of me in Jesus mighty name.

Father, all the tears I have shed don't let them be in vain. Change my story this week in the name of Jesus.

Father, as you opened Hannah's womb, open every closed door in my life in the mighty name of Jesus. As Hannah went on to have lots of children, let showers of blessings begin to flow in my life from this week in the name of Jesus.

You said I shall knock and the door shall be opened to me. Open the door to all my blessings today in my finances, health, marriage, job, business, education, family in Jesus name.

As I go about my activities this week I ask for supernatural blessings in the name of Jesus. You said I am the Lord, the God of all flesh is there anything too difficult for me? There's nothing too difficult for you, Lord. Do great and mighty things in my life this week in Jesus name.

Protect me and my family this week from all the plans of the evil one. Accident and untimely death is not for us in Jesus name. We shall not be victims to the wicked. Every one that comes against me and my family this week all there plans shall come to nothing in Jesus name.

I cover my life and my family with the blood of Jesus. It is well with us as we step out this week in Jesus mighty name. Amen and Amen.

Remain blessed in Jesus name.

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