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Saturday: Financial Breakthrough Prayers in Times of Need

Our God is able and bigger than our problems, let us come to him with humility and sincerity of heart to seek for a financial flow in times of trials and tribulations.

Father, I want to say a big thank you for what you’ve already done in my life. You’ve been so wonderful and merciful to me. I’m grateful for your work in my life. Thank you for your saving grace and the mercies upon my life in each passing day.

I know there are many ways you have blessed and favoured me before and I can trust that you will help me again today and forever.

As I go through this season of want, help me to have the right attitude to praise your holy name. Give me the right direction for my situation. Open my eyes to what you want to lecture to me right now.

Help me to see how this season of want will help me appreciate my season of abundance when it comes.

Abah Father, Help me to be productive and to uncover some of the hidden things that I can’t see yet, whether it be how to be more careful with my spending or how to earn more money. Or, maybe you have something else for me entirely. I know you can bless me in many ways that I can’t even imagine.

Give me direction for how to be industrious and productive. Help me to have the motivation to get up and search out ways to improve my situation. Give me direction lord.

Keep me from discouragement and depression as I go through this challenging season.

Help me to encourage myself in trusting in your divine help.

Give me peace in my heart and clarity in my mind.

Keep me from complaining while I am in this place that feels like a desert. Teach me to be confident in your power and authority, and what you are going to do for me. I want to look back and wonder marvelously at the testimony you will give me from this time in my life.

While I need a financial breakthrough in my life, help me to put you first, Father. Help me to pursue you and seek you above anything else. Psalm 84:11 says you are the source of every good thing and I know you will give me what I need if I continue to seek you.

Lord, I know that Proverbs 22:7 tells us that the borrower is slave to the lender. Protect me from falling into the trap of debt. Teach me your financial principles and show me how to live within the means that I have. Show me how to spend less than I make so I can keep more of what I have, and use it for your glory.

Lord, I know You are working for my good, and I can do all things through You. You strengthen me, I know that in my weakness you show yourself strong. When I struggle for a breakthrough, that is when you show your strength and perform the miracles.

Lord, I put my trust in You today, and my finances into Your hands. Please multiply my works, give me a breakthrough in this current situation, and I will give You all the glory for it.

In Jesus most wonderful name, Amen.

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