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Check Out Some Reasons Why The Catholic Church Is Called The Universal Church

The Catholic church is a universal church ( in the sense that they do everything in uniform whether a parish is located in Nigeria or any part of the world), it has a population of 1.3 billion members in the world, and 20 million members in Nigeria.

The Catholic church is considered as half of the whole christians in the whole world, and Brazil has the highest population of Catholics. Talking about some doctrines and difference between the catholic church and others churches, so I will be listing out some differences in this articles.

1. The catholic church use the same colour at a particular time and season

Not like other churches, the catholic church has a colour for a particular season or liturgical year. The Catholic church make use of 7 colours , which are White, Gold, Red, Purple, Green, Black and Rose. Although the first-five colours are commonly used, while Black and Rose are used once in a while.

2. The Catholic priest don't get married

The Catholic church has made a doctrine which makes the priests practice calibracy (calibracy; it is a situation where someone has to devote his or her life in the service of God, and has to stay unmarried).

3. The Readings/Gospel in the Catholic is the same all over the World

The Catholics read the same gospel and bible passages all over the world, in the sense that when a Catholic church in Nigeria is reading a passafe from John 1-3, a Catholic church in USA will also be reading the same passage.

Other Reasons includes;

* The Catholic church has a particular candles which is used during the Easter period, it is called the “Paschal Candle"

* The Catholic church has Nuns and Reverend Sisters

* The Catholics go to a priest for confession

* The Catholic church has a particular hymn for songs

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