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How To Keep Your Hope In God Alive

The kind of hope you have determines its fulfillment and blessings. God is a good instructor and knows how to equip his children to be the best for him. There are different kinds of hopes in this world, but the only hope that has certainty in its achievement is that which is founded in Jesus Christ. It is also the only hope that cannot be ashamed or discouraged. Beloved, there can be many things that you hope for as a child of God. Make sure you have God's Word to support the hope you have, God's Word has given us the keys to keeping our hope and faith alive; The key is to continually accept the Word of God, which talks about our hope and faith. When you speak your faith with power, it allows the Holy Spirit and your angels to work to fulfill the words you speak. On the other hand, when you complain and speak negative words because of despair, you empower the demons to work against your faith, and whatever you are believing in God will not happen just because You have allowed an evil spirit to create suspicion. You through your grievances and murmurs. Thus, doubt has blocked the flow of God's power from revealing your desired solution. Remember that God poured His love into your heart for being so good so that you can continue to love Him. Thus, your love for him will enable you to keep going with him and serve him until your hope is fulfilled. So, keep your hope alive by continuing to love God and His Word. Confess your word of hope to yourself daily; If you will not give up or do not give up then your hope will be fulfilled in due time. Remember that,Abraham hoped for many years until his hope was fulfilled. He never stopped loving God nor turned away from God. Learn from him and you too will embrace your miracle. Never tire of professing your faith in Christ because what you are professing or declaring is toward perfection. Remember, confession leads to possession.

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