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2 Reasons Why Jesus Asked His Disciples to Tell No One about His Glorification until He Rose Again

After He had already led Peter, James and John up to the Mount by themselves, and having been seen transformed before their eyes with the glory of the sun, and Elijah and Moses appearing with Him and talking about His demise, Jesus Christ strictly admonished these disciples to not tell anyone yet about the vision they had seen about His glorification until they saw the Son of Man risen from the dead.(Matthew 17:1–9)

The reason He told them not to tell anyone or talk about His glorification that they had seen was as follows.

Firstly, Jesus admonished His disciples not tell anyone about the vision they had seen about Him because they were still under the Old Covenant principles and traditions. Their minds were not yet opened completely to the dimensions of the New testament. That was why Jesus had to later open their minds after He rose again so that when they tell it to other disciples and preach about it, they would understand without doubts and speak boldly. (Luke 24:44–45).

Another reason that is worthy of note is that what the disciples had seen about Jesus was actually a vision. Matthew 17:9 specifically described it as a vision. Which means that these disciples saw a revelation, something which was visible to physical eyes but clear to the eyes of their spirit and understanding. Moreover, it was like a taboo in then world.

And lastly, proclaiming Jesus' glorification when He was not yet glorified could truncate the whole purpose of Jesus' ministry. The Bible describes Jesus as being obedient till the point of death on the cross, and He never accrue to Himself His equality with God. (Philippians 2:2–11)

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