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Making yourself unstoppable by the devil with the power of the word and prayers.

Whatever good thing you set your heart on to achieve, you can achieve it. It all lies in your hand to do because the Bible expressed "for ye are gods." That means you have godlike attributes which give you access to the power of God.

Is God unstoppable? No! Just like it is impossible to stop God, so nothing can stop you from attaining any height in life or achieving your purpose in life.

Do you know you can make yourself unstoppable? Of course you can. This is achievable through:

1. The power in the word: the Bible expressed in John 1 "in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God." This very verse of the Bible expounded that if you have the word, you have God. And when you have God, you become a god just like the Bible expressed that "for ye are gods," and that makes you unstoppable in life. The devil cannot challenge God, however, if you have the word, you have God and nothing can ever stop you, and so the devil cannot challenge you because of God in you.

2. The power in prayers: do not underestimate the power of prayers. Prayer is a very powerful weapon which a Christian can use to embark on spiritual warfare, that is the reason if the devil wants to bring down a Christian, he will try to make that Christian weak in prayers. But when you are active in prayers, you become a very tough opponent for the devil. And there is no way he can stand on your way; you become unstoppable in life. With prayers, you can work wonders and break evil yokes and barriers in the name of Jesus Christ.

For you to become unstoppable in life, you can achieve that through power in the word and power in prayers.

May God grant you the power to become unstoppable in life, Amen!

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