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Official Visa To Heaven: Humanity Or Religion

Humanity and religion, what is more important? This question keeps ringing in my head and it can never be overemphasized.

Humanity is simply being human, doing things as humanly as possible which involves being kind to people, helping people in need, and showing that you care about other people's feelings and opinions irrespective of color, race, or ethnicity.

Religion, on the other hand, is a particular system of faith and worship and the belief in a Supreme being or supernatural beings like a personal God or gods.

Now the question is there any official religion to enter heaven if there is which religion is it?

There are various kinds of religions in the world although they have been categorized into 3, Islam, Christianity, and others form of traditional worships.

In my opinion, I believe it is okay for us to worship whatever God we believe in as far as our humanity is intact, I believe any religion that does anything against humanity should be null and void. Sacrificing your humanity shouldn't be a basis in religion.

So even though your religion is the real deal you have committed a lot of crimes against humanity, I doubt if you are ever going to make it to heaven.

So let's try and keep our humanity intact. Let's not do something hideous or bad in the name of religion

When we are born I believe there was no handbook telling us how to live our life or which religion to worship. So I believe God has given us that freedom to do whatever we choose to, so let's maximize the opportunity and be as humanly and possible.

Because humanity is the key to religion.

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