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Prayer Points And Bible Verses To Overcome Dream Eating, And Meaning Of Eating In The Dream

If you ask people what it means to find yourself eating in your dream whenever you sleep.

• Some people will say it because, that's your last thought before you went to sleep.

• some will say it your dream land, that you can't suffer twice, that your mind created a place for you to eat, merry and enjoy what you can't afford in the real life.

• the spiritual or religious people will say eating in the dream is dangerous, that it is a negative dream that disgrace oneself and expose the victim to trouble, and place oneself into a demonic bondage, it pollute your spiritual strength and plant sickness in your body.

Prayer points and bible verses to fight against eating in the dream.

you will need to embark on 3days or 7days fastin, Depending on your strength. You will pray this 10 prayers before you go to sleep.

"Gen 28:11-18, Luke 11:21-22, Acts 3:3-9, Heb 12:1, Exodus 15:18-21, psalm 1:1-3, Acts 12:5-12, phil 3:10-16".

Prayer points

• evil food in my body, come out of your hiding places in the name of jesus.

• I command every evil plantation in my life, come out with all your roots in jesus name, "lay your hand on your stomach and pray the prayer".

• Every witchcraft substance in my spirit, soul and body receive the fire of the holy ghost and burn to ashes, in the name of jesus.

• Every unconscious initiation in my life causing me to eat in the dream, break by fire in the name of jesus.

• let the blood of jesus flow in my body and purge out every evil rubbish or pollution in my stomach in the name of jesus.

• let the fire of holy ghost fall upon me and began to destroy every witchcraft mark and sign upon my life in the name of jesus.

• as from today, I soak my spiritual soul and body with the blood of jesus.

• by the blood of jesus, I close down every spiritual door that the evil spirit have been using to feed me at night in the name of jesus.

• I draw the bloodline round my family with the blood of jesus.

• thank you jesus for answering my prayers.

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