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Here are the signs to know a sincere Muslim.

Muslims are known to be the worshipers of Islam. They usually pray five times daily to Almighty Allah which is one of their fives pillars of their religion. But Many people believe that a Muslim with a dark spot on his forehead could be referred to as a good Muslim. NO !. here are some signs that a good Muslim should posses.

1. They speak the truth at all times.

2 They are good listeners.

3 They hardly take offence.

4 They are quick to forgive.

5 They are reliable.

6 They are supportive. 

7 They have appetite for prayer and fasting. 

8 They rely on the Word of Allah, the Holy Qur'an and Hadith Of The Prophet . 

9 The more Allah lifts them up, the more they become humble.

10 They hardly offend others intentionally.

11 They are quick to repent. 

12 They seek peace and pursue it.

13 They love people and they are compassionate.

14 They know when to talk and when to be quiet. 

15 They are full of wisdom in many aspects of life.

16 They respect people and are very sensitive to people's feelings.

17 They have a lot of patience and they are not hot tempered.

18 They fear Allah.

19 They give honour where it is due. 

20 They are content with what they have.

21 They have good leadership skills. 

22 They are hospitable.

23 They are not carried away by all kinds of bad teachings.

24 They are good followers of what is good.

25 They have a sacrificial spirit to Almighty Allah.

26 They don't gossip and look down on people.

27 They have strong faith in Islam. 

28 They are not mere mosque goers.

29 They are clean in every aspect of life.

30 Their spirits are sensitive, they hate sin.

31 They don't compete with others. 

Now ask yourself: are you a sincere Muslim?

We pray that Almighty Allah give us the grace to identify and work on our weak areas.


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Content created and supplied by: SenatorTman (via Opera News )

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