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Please do these 5 things if you want to be free from financial struggles for life

The life of daily financial struggles is getting more difficult on a daily basis, especially after the whole world was hit by the global pandemic of the Corona virus disease. Most people have been plunged in the deep struggle for survival, which is mostly the financial struggle. The only solution and to live a life free of financial struggles at this age and time is God alone. Here are the five things you ought to say to God for him to give you a brand new financial life void of struggles.

1) Heavenly father I know you alone can set me free from the life of financial struggles and I ask that you will grant me abundance in every realm of my life both the material and financial aspect of my life by your power.

2) Dear God I ask that you will send my help from every nook and cranny of the world to come looking for me and deliver your help to me by the power of your name.

3) Lord I ask that your promise of wealth let it be released upon my life from this day forward and that you will direct my footsteps to the right place where my finance is waiting for me by your divine power.

4) I make demands on the labours that I have laboured that the rewards be released into my hands from this day onwards, in the name of Jesus christ and whatever time I have wasted I ask for the restoration.

5) The powers of my fathers houses that once hindered my life of financial freedom, I ask lord that you will take them away from me and set my on a new ground to harvest of my labours and my sweat, I ask lord that you will be involved in the financial aspect of my life and cause your blessings of multiplication to rest on whatever I lay my hands to do I ask that you will prosper it by your divine power.

Please proclaim these words to see your financial story change, and please like and share God bless you.

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