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Meaning : Render To Caesar The Things That Are Caesar's And To God The Things That Are God's

Mark 12 : 12 -17.

People of the world today, are mis-interpreting the above statement made by Jesus Christ, they are taking Caesar to be Idol. They would say, Christianity doesn't prevent one from worshipping or referencing their family's idols or traditions. And, the best Bible verses they quoted is Mark 12 : 12 -17. They would say, after all, Jesus Christ said, we should give to Caesar, the things that are Caesar's.

The above Bible passage made us to realize our duties and responsibilities to the government of our nation. Some men of the Pharisee came to Jesus Christ, asking Him, if it was right for them as Israelites to pay their taxes to Caesar. What actually happened was that, at that period, Isreal as nation was being controlled by Roman's government under the leadership of Caesar, it was his picture that was inscribed in the money that they used as medium of exchange.

Actually, these men came purposely to tempt Jesus Christ. " And they send Him certain of the Pharisees catch Him in his words." Jesus Christ asked them whose picture was written on the money they spent, they replied, Caesar's. Then, He told them to render to Caesar the things that belong to Caesar and also to God, the things that are God's.

One can deduce from the above episode that it is our duties and responsibilities to pay our taxes to the government of our nation. If you are transborder businessman and woman, pay custom duties for the goods or products you import into the country. Car owners should pay and obtain valid papers for their cars.

More so, Jesus Christ didn't mean we should give what belong to idol to idol, because, Caesar was never an Idol but rather was a government of nation at that period. Therefore, as we discharge our duties to the government of our nation, we should not forget to give total submission to God, the Alpha and Omega of our lives.

May God Almighty, help us to be faithful in our responsibilities to our nation and God, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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